Intel останавливает работу на россии и в Беларуси

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Intel logo booth

Компания Intel месяц назад остановила поставки своих продуктов на россию, а сейчас объявила про полную остановку бизнеса в эрефии.

Сообщение об этом появилось на официальном сайте производителя.

«“Intel continues to join the global community in condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a swift return to peace. Effective immediately, we have suspended all business operations in Russia. This follows our earlier decision to suspend all shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus.

“Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this war, particularly the people of Ukraine and the surrounding countries and all those around the world with family, friends and loved ones in the region.

“We are working to support all of our employees through this difficult situation, including our 1,200 employees in Russia. We have also implemented business continuity measures to minimize disruption to our global operations.”

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